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24 Hour Board Up

24 Hour Board Up

Have you realized what time of the year is? Yeah, it’s Summertime, but do you know why we have to be cautions about this season? Well, if you live in South Florida you know is hurricane season. Like last year, many homes were boarded up, and many spent, even more, money hiring someone to put their hurricane shutters. The best option is a 24 Hour Board Up service as is a way less expensive option to protect your home, than having to replace your glass windows if an inclement weather comes towards us.

ABob's 24 Hour Board Up ServicesWhy Hire Our 24 Hour Board Up Service

At ABob’s Glass and Repair we are a specialist in boarding up any home or building within the time frame you need us to do it. We are very conscious about our work ethic, as this service is based on protecting a home from vandalism or as a temporal solution until a window or a door it’s on its way for installation. Even if someone tries to attempt trespassing a facility after we boarded up, they will have a very hard time to do it as we bolt the wood panels to the concrete for further security precautions. Ones we give you an onsite quote, we won’t change the price. We are a reliable board up service company that cares about their clients and gain their trust for future business.

Other Services

Window Glass InstallationABob's 24 Hour Board Up Services

Accidents can happen at any given moment, that’s why we can take care of any broken glass windows. We can also help if a glass window needs to be reinstalled due to air leaking, causing an increase in the electric bill. We carry in our trucks all types of glass so we can customize the cuts to the window specifications.

Door Glass Repair

We specialize in sliding doors or any other glass doors that need a glass replacement. Small, big, thick or tempered glass, we have it all in stock ready to be replaced when needed.

ABob's 24 Hour Board Up ServicesCommercial Glass Repair

The size and the type of commercial glass specifications matter for the extra protection that a commercial business needs. While we are on-site, we will determine which glass is needed and start working if is in stock in our warehouse facility. If not, we will board up your facility and come back in a couple of days after ordering it. Usually, would take up to 1-2 days to be back at your business, but in the mid time, a board up service as mentioned before would be performed for security purposes.

Abob’s Glass and Repair – 24 Hour Board Up

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