Abob’s Tempered Glass Installation

Tempered Glass Installation

Abob’s Tempered Glass Installation Services

When replacing commercial glass for a business establishment, Tempered glass is the preferred choice for its commercial use and enclosing other architectural structures. Created with controlled thermal (or sometimes chemical) treatments to strengthen it as compared to normal or annealed glass, makes it four times stronger than any other household glass.

At Abob’s Glass and Repair, we have to order this type of specialty glass, so its factory cut and measured accurately.

How it’s Made?

Making tempered glass is a complicated task. Heated to 600 degrees Celsius and intense pressure to achieve the required properties, the flattening of the glass has its cooling treatment between its central layers and the surface creating internal stresses and compression forces which underly the enhanced strength.

Choose A Bob’s Glass Repair Co. for Your Tempered Glass Needs

No matter the scope of the size of your business, A Bob’s Glass Repair Co. can offer top-notch commercial glass services in the Florida area. Over the years, we have handled installations and repairs of a wide range of commercial sites and businesses. Tempered glass is our specialty. Whether it’s a protective glass window or a frameless glass door, we can offer you an installation that can sustain an impact without altering the framing caulking to get loose. We look forward to helping your business succeed with our reliable and affordable commercial glass services.

Consider a Board Up Service While You Are Waiting for the Tempered Glass to Arrive

Board up service is critical when it comes to protecting your commercial building. While you are waiting for the tempered glass to arrive upon ordering from the factory, we board up your premises to keep people out of the commercial building.

Another time, you should call on a board up service is when there is a weather-related concern. Storms, including hurricanes, can carry a great deal of rain force and wind power. With a professional board up service, your property will be protected from the damage that could occur in the absence of tempered glass windows or doors.

You Can Count on A Bob’s Glass Repair Co. for Emergency Board Up Service

With the help of the professional board up service of A Bob’s Glass Repair Co., you can rest assured that the best possible care has been taken off the emergency. Sometimes it is not possible to protect from everything that can happen, but we can help you with what we know best. Glass installation and board up services. We will help you spare your commercial property from vandals or the direct force of a storm, which is particularly needed when you are still waiting for your tempered glass to arrive. By doing this, you are assured that the structural components of your space will stay protected.

Tempered Glass Installation

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