Benefits of a Sliding Door Glass Repair

Sliding Glass Door Repair

Sliding glass doors are very common in condominiums and houses in Dade County, Broward, and Palm Beach counties because of its beautiful appearance and excellent functionality. Glass sliding doors are mostly installed to give access to the balcony or patio, which are doors that residents frequently use and why it is very important that they are working properly at all times.

It is recommended to do the maintenance of your sliding glass door to improve its operation. Every year, a simple and quick check and maintenance of your sliding glass door will optimize its operation and longevity. You might notice that your sliding glass doors are harder to open and close over time. This is most likely because of a build up of dirt on the rollers that control the operation of the glass doors. This can also cause the slipping on the rail and by spraying more silicone can make the issue worse.

To improve the rolling of your sliding glass doors and to avoid wear of the grooved track of the bottom of the door (presence of black-gray dust), light annual maintenance is recommended. It is strongly advised to clean the rollers and the grooved track (rail), before adding the silicone as a spray, because the accumulated dirt interferes with the good rolling, preventing the silicone from making its optimal effect.

The maintenance of your home sliding doors also ensures the longevity, so that you can enjoy your home in peace. Periodic maintenance increases service life and reduces the likelihood of future repairs. ABob’s Glass and Door Repairs Inc. repairs all doors and windows, even those that are said to be unrepairable.

Why an Expert Sliding Glass Door Repair Company?

Why use an expert company for Sliding Glass Door Repairs like ABob’s Glass and not some of the competitors?
It is important to hire a company experienced in repairing and replacing glass sliding doors such as ABob’s glass services, because; for instance, a bad wheel change can cause several problems such as:

• They can use used wheels and parts and not new, and in this way the sliding glass door would be damaged again, in Bob’s Glass Services we do not use used parts, we use only new parts.
• When trying to replace one part of the glass sliding door, they can damage other parts of the door that are critical to the proper operation of sliding glass doors. ABob’s Glass Services has more than 20 years of experience in changing and repairing of sliding glass doors, and we are very careful in doing our job.
• If you do not have enough knowledge or experience to repair the sliding glass door, the installer can damage the door or break the glass, which would mean that the owner has to spend a large sum of money to replace the glass or the glass door itself.
• If the company that is going to repair the sliding glass door uses improper parts or damages or mistreats the door compromises the integrity of the sliding glass door like Hurricane Proof, and in case of a hurricane, the sliding glass door may fail and not withstand the pressure of the winds.
• Many of the companies that repair sliding glass doors may not have the necessary licenses and insurance to do so and in case of an accident you may not be covered. ABob’s Glass Services has all the necessary licenses and insurance that is required by Florida law.

ABob’s Glass & Door Repair Services

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