How To Clean Your Sliding Glass Windows

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A sliding glass is a good option to open up an apartment or condo for adding natural light to the space but is important to keep it clean. If you are going to have sliding doors, the cleanliness of a sliding glass door is essential because dirt is much more visible on a glass door than on a wood door.

Wet the entire surface with a rag, water and soap. Soapy water will help loosen dirt deposits, so its best to work on one side door at a time. To wipe it off the soap use paper towels or a clean cloth after it has been on the glass for several minutes.

Apply a window washing solution using a foam sponge or a microfiber cloth. When applying the window washing solution, start at the top of the sliding glass door and work your way down.

Remove the cleaning solution using immediately after the sliding glass door has been covered. If you let the window washing solution sit, it can leave blotchy spots or create streaks. As well with the solution application, the removal should be performed from top to bottom.

Dry any items that are wet after the cleaning process, such as the window frame. A clean rag or paper towel works fine but do not dry the sliding glass door. It should already be relatively dry from the squeegee, and any remaining liquid should be left to air-dry. If need it, repeat the steps for better result.

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